Nostalgia Festival

Make sure you all get down to Nostalgia Festival this Saturday. We’re sending Greg and Garry along with a couple of old cars to ensure we have a presence so if you’re in need of car talk you can corner them.

The Bats are playing, so make sure you get down and support what we reckon is one of the most underrated bands in the country. the fact you can go see them for so little cost is a sad indictment on the state of the NZ music industry.

Did you know the Bats played at Goodbye Blue Monday’s opening party. That’s how much we love them…

So get down and support a really cool event.


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Stuff Article

Stuff has broken the news of the bus move. And sure enough, straight away, the mean-spirited commenters showed up.

So I took to Facebook…

I shared the story and told the fans to get involved.

Well, the outpouring of love was immense. Sure, some people hate the place, but that doesn’t matter to those that love it. If nobody loved it and nobody hated it then it would just be another beige establishment in a street full of shitty pubs (with a couple of exceptions).

To the people who cry about it being an eyesore I would like to point out – once again – that if we weren’t there you’d have a hole in the ground. We had to put 100 tonnes of shingle into the site before we travelled it.

We are living in a city where the rebuild has been disgustingly slow. Look around today and you’ll see a few new buildings, but on the whole you’ll see barren empty spaces with weeds growing on them. We need temporary spaces so that people can go about their lives and hating on things that aren’t to your taste is just mean.

When we leave, you’ll probably get a carpark at best. I know the nasties will say this is better looking than Smash Palace but these people don’t seem to realise that what the place looks like isn’t important. It is the community that has gathered within the space that’s important.

We hope you all keep coming along when the place is relocated. We hope that Smash Palace continues to be a part of this community and a place where people can come together and enjoy life.

Thanks you all for the support.


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Hey all,

The 12 O’Clock Boys movie has been uploaded onto YouTube. You’d better watch it before it gets taken down. It is a nice wee documentary about kids in Baltimore riding dirt bikes like idiots. Life must be cheap in Baltimore as these kids seem to have little reason to protect their lives.

While the tale is sad in parts, the wheelies are pretty awesome. greg and I wanted to start a 12 O’Clock chapter but after much trying we are going to be representing it for the ten-past-nine boys.



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Goodbye Blue Monday

Alex Wright – my longterm memory – has reminded me that today would have been Goodbye Blue Monday’s sixth birthday.

It was the best of times (the Pete Shelley lock-in), it was the worst of times (Tim and me fighting like only brothers can), but most of all it was a special place that fostered a really cool community in Christchurch.

Thanks to everyone that helped make the place what it was.

Alex also helpfully sent me a link to this clip on YouTube which features a younger Tim and GBM toward the end.

Happy Birthday Goodbye Blue Monday.

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We’re Moving

Hello fans,

In the worst kept secret in town… Smash Palace is moving. The current site will be shutting down at the end of April and the business will become incorporated into the Brick Farm site on High Street.

We feel that Victoria Street is full enough and the business fits into High Street better. Hopefully we can work toward some permanence.

There’s still a bunch of parties to be had on Victoria Street but winter is going to sneak up on us before we know it. So bring your friends down and celebrate the last ever summer at Smash Palace Victoria Street.



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New Post New Post New Post

Now, I’ve come into a bit of criticism for not having updated the blog for about a year. In my defence it was hacked by someone but to be honest that was resolved about 11 months ago.

So my only excuse is laziness.

Smash Palace is coming toward the end of its current life. I would like to use this forum to communicate with you, the loyal customers, what we are doing to relocate the place.

In the meantime, this could her our last ever Xmas and NY eve parties. We’ve flown Lil’ Tim out from Melbourne and he is going to pay the gig to end all gigs on Xmas eve.

Watch this space for much more regular updates.

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Goodbye Blue Monday Reunion

This Saturday January 18 we are having a Goodbye Blue Monday reunion party.

Lots of the old faces will be there and we will be entertained by Tim, who has flown in specially for the gig.

DJs Missi G and Skew-whiff will be spinning records between sets.

Foosball turnament with bar tab prize.

Special appearances from Steve of the Month and Customer of the Year 2010.

See y’all on Saturday.


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Christmas and New Year Hours

Hey everybody,

We will be closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Other than that we will be open as usual.

See you all over the break.

Smash Palace

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Smash Palace Family Fun Day Picnic

Hey everybody,

Don’t forget this Sunday December 15 we are having our second annual Family Fun Day.

Grab your classic car or bike, pack the picnic, pack the kids and meet at the old Goodbye Blue Monday site (172 High St – opposite C1 Coffee) on Sunday.

Slow vehicles departing at 11am and the quickies at 11:30.

We will be heading out to the kind folks at Waipara West Winery for a picnic and some fun activities.

See you all on Sunday.


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Smash Palce Bike Show


The First Annual Smash Palace Bike Show was last weekend and what a roaring success.

We held the event up at the Pallet Pavilion once we realized the numbers were getting too big for Smash Palace. That was lucky because we had more than 150 bikes at the peak of the event.

I think it is exactly what has been missing in the Christchurch petrolhead calendar. The problem I have with most bike shows is that they are far too focused on one type of bike. So you get a show full of British bikes or Jap sports-bikes and the diversity gets lost. Our only theme was we were anti chrome and we wanted to see the most fucked bikes in town.

And boy did we get some strange beasts show up. There were bikes there that I had never seen before and some that I couldn’t have even imagined.

We had the after party at the bar and everyone sat around and told lies until it was time to go home.

Thanks to Swannie and Luke for organizing the event and to headfullofsnakes and committedfew for the pictures below. I can’t remember where I put my camera at the end of the day so will post my pictures once I locate it.

Here’s to next year when we are planning on making the event bigger and better and some have even been talking of starting a brass band on scooters.

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