Whisky, Whiskey, Whisky

As a teenager, whisky was my poison of choice, blocking my nose and skulling straight out of the bottle until I vomited all over the carpet.

Then one day something miraculous happened and I grew up. I became exclusively a beer guy and whisky was left in the past with baggy jeans and huffing nitrous. I learned to enjoy drinking as a social event instead of getting so pre-loaded before going anywhere that any hope of interaction was gone.

Just the thought of whisky made me cringe. I couldn’t think of a less pleasant drink. That childhood excess had ruined me for enjoying what should have been my birthright as an individual of Irish descent.

Then a whiskey nerd forced me along to an evening Whisky Galore were hosting and I discovered the highfalutin world of whisky. A world where getting drunk was a consequence of all the fun instead of the stated goal. I discovered that in-fact I liked whiskey and the more you paid for a dram, the better it tasted.

From there we developed a great whisky selection at Goodbye Blue Monday. Then it fell down in an earthquake and I was so obsessed with craft beer that when I opened Smash Palace I neglected the whisky list.

I have now seen the error of my ways and am pleased to announce that I have taken a trip to Whisky Galore and asked Michael to provide me with a shit-hot selection of whisky. So we now have an excellent whisky selection and you can all sleep a little better knowing that.

You should come down and check it out before Tim – the Whisky Monster – comes back from overseas and demolishes the lot.


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