The Scaffold

I have been meaning to do a couple of posts explaining our rationale for how we set the place up. Put something down for posterity and all that…

I’m going to start with the Scaffold. No, I’m not talking about the awful band from Liverpool who did such a loveable version of Lilly the Pink that it has become part of our St Patrick’s Day repertoire (only six months away folks); I’m talking about what’s running around our section.

When we set out to create this place we talked about taking something that everybody knew and understood and applying it in a creative fashion. It was our architects, Common Ground, who came up with the idea of scaffold. We were sure it would be understood by the Council (how wrong we were), it was everywhere and would create a statement about what we were trying to achieve.

I really like the idea. I like the way it identifies when you are inside or outside the bar. I like the sculptural element of the entrance. I like the big white walls on the street, meaning you have to come inside to really see the place. It serves all sorts of purposes. It creates a building when one wasn’t available. It was theoretically cheap (compared to a building), it stops the wind getting in better than anything else would, it establishes an architectural language to the development with something structured boxing in all the mayhem contained within.

The two ton water weights act as foundations and create booths in the unoccupied bays. The booths look out onto the street. I think interaction with the street is both exciting for those inside and out. Sometimes its a nice conversation starter to sit and watch the world go by while you have a pint. Having these booths open also allows light in as two thirds of them are north facing.

So, we started with the scaffold and it was from there that we managed to create a frame into which we could fill the space. I’m stoked with how it has come out and know of several people who agree with me. But let’s not end with our scaffold. Let’s finish where we started, with the terrible band. You should really check out just how uncool they are…

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