Smash Palace Wee Bike Run

This weekend we held our first Smash Palace Wee Bike Run. It started as a Scooter Run ’til the pedants pointed out that there were hardly any scooters. So we changed it to the Fifty Run. Then some people showed up on 100cc bikes. We have now settled on the Smash Palace Wee Bike Run as the preferred nomenclature.

We headed out of Christchurch on Saturday morning with a storm brewing in Christchurch. Once out of the city environs, the weather cleared up and we had nothing but sunshine, a puff of wind at our backs and a stunning South Canterbury landscape as our companion.

We started with 15 bikes and were one down by the time we got to Hororata. This is what Jock gets for riding a high-performance fifty, that is so worked to achieve speed that he’s lost any sort of reliability. His bike did come in handy throughout the weekend as we raped and pillaged parts off it to keep everything else going.

Thanks Jock I promise we will replace the parts.

Riding up through the Rakia Gorge was beautiful and the neat thing about the wee bikes is all the time you get to see the scenery passing. I imagine this is part of the pleasure of cycling but cannot confirm this. Open road motoring at 70kph flat-out is still challenging as your main concern is some Muppet overtaking you on a blind corner to save himself fifteen seconds on his drive. It reminded me a lot of driving an Austin Seven. A lot of, “shit, I didn’t realise this stretch of road was a couple of degrees uphill,” and a lot of hugging the side of the road to give speed demons a chance to pass without killing everybody.

We stayed at a bach up the Rakia River which had a good 20km of shingle to get to it. The only casualty on the shingle was my rear suspension which flew off in spectacular style. Once we got there, we had some barrel racing (won by Greg), a biggest jump competition (winner to be confirmed once the photos come back), and a hill trial which was won by Nathan.

We had a barbeque, cooked a lot of meat and a tiny bit of veg, drunk a few beers and fell heavily abed after a long day’s ride. On Sunday, we rode back via the scenic route. All-in-all an epic couple of days ride on wee bikes  and only three bikes on the back-up trailer when we arrived back in town.

The event was such fun and so well received that we will do something similar on the other side of Christmas. So everyone get your fifties going, next time I reckon we can get past thirty bikes.

I will post the rest of the photos once they come through.

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