Party This Saturday Night


This Sat

Super cool DJs this Saturday night with PV Seizure from 10pm. Come along for a wee boogie.

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Wow, Bike Night is getting really big. With the warm weather the place has been at capacity for the last few Thursdays.

Last night Greg was assembling the rear-end off Garry’s De Dion Bouton. While it is a car, and thus against the rules of bike night, Garry is such a smooth talker that we thought we’d help him get his silly old car running. Once we get it going we can convince him to sell it and buy a Gordon Keeble.

For something from 1905 it is pretty amazing that this rear end was used in racing cars tright through until the 1980s. It was nice to see the legend up-close-and-personal.

De Dion

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Press Column


Here is a link to this week’s Press Column. I hope you all enjoy it.


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Summer Hours

Woo-hoo. The days are getting longer and it is starting to feel like summer. Summer is good for us as it makes far more sense to come to Smash Palace when the weather is warm.

We are currently open Wed to Sun from 3pm.

From the beginning of November we will go to seven day from 3pm. In order to do this we will need a couple more staffmembers. If you know of anyone looking for a job over the summer send them down with a CV.

It is looking like this will be our last Summer on Victoria St so make sure you get in and enjoy the place while it lasts.


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Christmas Parties

Hey y’all,

Blimmin heck. Do you know what time of the year it is? The time that people start calling up and booking Christmas functions.

We’ve already booked a couple of dates so if you want to have your Christmas party at the coolest bar in town you’d better be in quick.

This will probably be our last Christmas on this site so make sure you get your booking in. Then you can say you used to like Smash Palace better at its old location in years to come.

Give me a call or an email and we will sort out your party.



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I’ve been getting a bit of criticism recently:

“Johnny, since you started your Press column you have been neglecting your blog. I enjoy it much more as you are free to talk about poos and other inappropriate things.”

So this is me trying to kick off some more regular blog updates for summer.

You’d think with the lack of posting lately that nothing has been happening. But we have been working away over winter trying to get ready for what will probably be our last summer on this site. In the upcoming weeks we will have a lot of exciting updates for you all so watch this space and I promise to update more regularly.

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Greg May – Style Icon


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Smash Palace Shearers’ Run 2013

Shearers' Run 2013 - 1I’m pleased to announce a successful SPSR 2013. Thankfully nobody died or even broke a bone. Just some old men feeling sore come Monday.

Shearers' Run 2013 - 6Shearers' Run 2013 - 7Last year we did a 50cc thing but this year we decided to mix shit up and did the event as a dirt bike invitational. So we hand-picked our 15 favorite people from bike night that own suitably shitty dirt bikes and headed to Lake Coleridge for a weekend.

Shearers' Run 2013 - 4Shearers' Run 2013 - 8Friday morning we headed south and managed to drive out the bottom of the Southerly and into the most perfect weather imaginable.

Shearers' Run 2013 - 9

Congratulations to Luke O who won the coveted Golden Glove this year. He was so far ahead of everyone else after dominating the hill climb, the sprint race, the wiggle woggle and gaining extra points for mechanical competence. He even managed to show up the wheelie king (me) with a display of one wheel riding that separated the men from the boys.

Bookie favorite Jock surprisingly didn’t win the Best Boozer points which were instead shared by Josh and Matty J. Jimi won the cleaning award for the second year in a row which should ensure he is invited back every year.

1280453_626957887337513_407225575_nThe isolation and landscape down there are second-to-none and we had such a grand time that we will do it the same next year. So get yourself a crappy dirt bike and start hanging about on Thursdays if you want to make it onto the exclusive list for next year.


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This month’s masterclass is a bit out of order and will be held this Thursday August 22.


From 6pm we are very pleased to present Euan Cameron who is undoubtedly one of New Zealand’s best motorsport photographers.

Euan will be talking about how to get the very best photos of cars and bikes.

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Press Column

Hey all,

Here is a link to this week’s Press column.

The sun is shining and we are gearing up for a big Bike Night tonight. See you all this evening…

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