Matchless and Bike Night

I hope you are all as excited as I am about the prospect of the Matchless running this summer. Over the winter we have been waiting on bits from the UK, getting the gearbox and clutch back together and giving the front wheel a holiday. Then the Wee Bike Run took all our attention and the old Matchy sat out in the cold making the bar look more like a wrecking yard than a classy establishment where you might buy a mojito.

Now, Greg has reassembled the ‘box and clutch and hopefully tonight we will get it back on the bike. Then, it’s a case of taking the whole bike apart, cleaning it up and getting it back on the road. So – fingers crossed – all going according to plan we should be racking up fines for no WOF/Rego in the not too distant future.

Greg is still the current record-holder for the most distance traveled with the side-chair in the air (Barbadoes St from Bealey Ave to Ferry rd) but if the thing actually runs like we hope it will, we will be seeking to break this long-standing record.

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