Masterclass and Bike Show

Just a quick note to let you all know that Keith McLeod’s presentation at Masterclass was inspired – Greg and I will start burying bike parts in the future in the hope that our bikes can look half as cool as Keith’s AJS that he roared up on.

I was so enthused by the talk that I clean forgot to get a a photo of his bike. I will have to post that some other time.

Following the talk, Greg and I continued stripping down the little TY. Now, with it looking like a total wreck, I’m hoping we can get it back together before we go away dirt-biking next weekend.

Congratulations to Pete Jones for winning the inaugural Masterclass Bike Comp with his bicycle with a lawnmower engine strapped on the front.

Thanks to Keith for giving the talk and for donating the bike below to our collection. He told me he made it for his kids when they were young which must have been in the days before health and safety. I think both Greg’s and my wives will be very happy to learn we are collecting more old shit for them to dispose of after we die in a horrific motorbike crash.


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