I’m pleased to report that the launch of Head Full of Snakes Issue 2 was a resounding success. We started off at Tommy Chang’s in Lyttelton (my first time there and I’d like to say what an excellent wee pub it is – check it out if you haven’t already) and then rode over to Smash Palace as a group.

Once everyone had arrived at Smash Palace we had 50 bikes parked in-and-out, which I think is pretty impressive.

The selection of bikes was amazing and my favorite thing was the mix. Too may bike events are dominated by one make or style of bike, But we had old Harleys and Nortons lined up alongside modern Jappas, strange European mopeds and everything in between.

I was pleased to see how many people left their bikes behind and caught taxis home – maybe my uptight take on drinking and riding is getting through.

There are still some copies of the magazine available. Get them while you can from HFOS website or I’m sure Luke will bring some more down on Thursday if you wanna swing past and grab one.

Thanks  to Luke and James for organising the event and to everyone for behaving and not riding like idiots (Jesus excluded, but that’s to be expected). We are already looking forward to issue #3.

Here are a couple of pics I snapped. I did have the foresight to hire a pro photographer, so as soon as I have the decent images I will post them.

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