Head Full of Snakes Launch

Hey Folks,

Thursday is upon us again and another Bike Night is looming. This night has really been gaining momentum and we have a solid core of regulars that come week-in-week-out to stand around, talk about bikes and ogle all the new creations that arrive.

As an extension of this, we are proud to be hosting the launch of Head Full of Snakes Vol II on Saturday afternoon/evening. This is a super cool bike magazine that has been produced as a collaboration between Christchurch and Melbourne. Co-edited and produced by Shakin’ Luke Wood and painstakingly printed on some old vintage printer, you can be sure it will sell out faster than a Hayabusa on a straight stretch of South Canterbury road.

The plan is to meet at Tommy Chang’s in Lyttelton at 4pm for a 5:30pm departure. We will then ride over to Smash Palace for an early evening of festivities.

At this point I would like to stress that we need to make sure people aren’t drinking and riding. One stupid idiot will be enough to ruin this whole thing we have happening. So if you are riding, make sure you don’t drink too much and have something to eat. If you do happen to have too much to drink, we can store a limited number of bikes here overnight. We store these bikes with all care but no responsibility. The Saturday night crowd is the most bogan of the week and as much as I will rope off the bikes and attempt to keep them safe, drunks never cease to amaze me with how ingenious/stupid they can be.

So if you have a bike, give it a spit ‘n’ polish and come for the ride. If you don’t have a bike, feel free to come down, buy a copy of the mag (issue 1 sold out straight away) and get a look at Christchurch’s best custom machines.

See you all on Saturday.

Smash Palace.

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