At Smash Palace we do burgers and bar snacks.

We scratch make all our buns, chutney, patties, pickle, aioli and harissa.

We are led to believe that all chickens, cows and pigs lived happy, contented lives before meeting us.


Basic – $11
Beef, chutney, mayo and gherkin

Cheeseburger – $12
Beef, cheese, chutney, gherkin, and mayo

Baconburger – $15
Beef, bacon, mushroom, lettuce, chutney, cheese and mayo

Blueburger – $15
Beef, blue cheese, caramelized onions, chutney, lettuce and mayo

Bodgieburger – $15
Beef, cheese, lettuce, chutney, mayo, beetroot and egg

Hotburger – $15
Beef, mayo, lettuce, charred peppers, cheese and harissa

Chickenburger – $15

Chicken, chilli mayo, lettuce, smoked cheese and house-dried tomatoes

Falafelburger – $15
Falafel, cheese, lettuce, Smash Palace Pickle and mayo

Add Fries or Coleslaw to Any Burger – $3



  • Fries and Aioli $7
  • Wedges with Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli $8
  • Cheerios – hot or cold with tom sauce $5
  • Rosemary focaccia with virgin police oil and balsamic vinegar $10
  • Aracini Balls – three cheese with herb aioli $12
  • Bowl of Coleslaw $6
  • Olives marinated in chilli and herbs with pickled garlic $9

If you have any special dietary requirements, let us know and we can work something out for you.


Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm

  • Eggs on Toast $10
  • Bacon and Eggs on Toast $14
  • Eggs Benedict $11
  • Eggs Benedict with Bacon $15
  • Toast and Jam $9
  • French Toast $15
  • Waffles $14
  • Big Breakfast $18

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