Duck, Duck, Goose

In exciting news a duck has moved into one of our planter boxes and laid her eggs. Now, I’m sure there is some argument you could pitch that this is a silly place to lay your eggs and this is evolution in action. A silly duck with weak genes lays her eggs in a stupid place and her genetic sequence is wiped from the earth when a couple of drunks smash her children before they are born.

I also wonder if you could frame an argument that it is a smart place to lay your eggs. In a pub where people have taken to giving her the last of their burger and we make sure people aren’t fucking with her or the eggs.

So the duck is either an idiot or a genius, I can’t tell.

We have had a number of suggestions for names of which the most popular so far are:

- Dukka Dukka

- Deefa

- Admiral Duck-bar

- Jemima

If you happen to be here when the eggs hatch, we will be running a drink special in honor of that momentous occasion.

Hey, Thursday today so that means bike night which just keeps getting busier. Tonight Garry and I are also giving a talk at 6pm as part of Festus. We will be discussing our take on temporary architecture and how we got to where we are today. The seats are limited to 35 people, so get in early if you want to hear all the crap I write on this blog verbalized.

This Saturday night Tim is in town. This calls for a few drinks and we have decided to have a Goodbye Blue Monday reunion from 7pm. We have all your old favorite DJs, I’ll drag some crappy couches up, make the bar smell like weeze and I think we we’ll call it a party. As part of deciding what to do for a GBM reunion, I came to realize that really all that was important at GBM was the music and the people. The rest was neither here-nor-there.

So come by and Saturday night and you can catch up with all the old gang and moan about the good-old-days.


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