Complaints Procedure

The hilarious Smash Palace blog has received its first complaint since the “GBM Poo in a Bar” posting (which received a raft of complaints). Our good fried the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment claims that when she is logging on, the latest witty posting is not necessarily at the top of her screen. This means that amongst the jumble of postings, she has to work to find the latest and when looking back for old postings, they are not necessarily there.

I have had the tech-boys look through the site and they have been unable to find a problem. This now has me stumped.

So I thought I’d check with the dozen-or-so of you that read the blog if you have had any problems (that means you Jasper and Louise). If you could let me know of any problems you have experienced, I would be most grateful. Then we can get this site running smoothly so that you can all get your quad-weekly dose of offbeat commentary.

Let me know if you’ve had any problems: johnny [at]

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