Bike Night Masterclass

Hello everyone and happy Waitangi Day,

While you are all off enjoying a work-free day, don’t forget our second Bike Night Masterclass is on tomorrow night (Feb 7).

This week our presenter will be Keith McLeod.

Keith’s 80 year-old AJS racers go like stink and are crowd favorites in the pits at motorcycling events around the country. Keith is into the idea of bikes looking “as found”, recognizing that age, patina and decay are natural processes that should be embraced as opposed to tidied up and removed from existence.

We’re not entirely sure what the content of Keith’s talk will encompass but when you’ve got a guy with a reputation and collection like Keith’s showing up, you just shut your mouth and listen to whatever he’s got to say.

We’re hoping to have both of Keith’s racers on display and who knows, their exhausts might even be encouraged to bark a little!

We also want to kick-start a new event for Masterclass Night.  A mini bike show.  Up to six bikes will enter and place their bike in front of Greg’s Caravan. Then when you order a Bodgie Beer you will receive a voting token which you can place in the voting boxes.

The winner will receive a free Bodgie Burger and Bodgie Beer and be eligible to enter Swannie and Smash Palace’s  ‘Best of Masterclass’ Bike Show to be held Labour Weekend 2013. And yes, the winner of this prestigious event will get a trophy (probably some junk bodged together by Greg at the last minute) and the prestige of knowing they have the best bike at Smash Palace Bike Nights 2013.

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