The Old Bar

Goodbye Blue Monday was a bar in Christchurch that ran from 2009-2011. A family owned and run business, Goodbye Blue Monday liked to think it provided some of the best gigs in Christchurch.

The bar was closed following the Christchurch eatrthquake on Febuary 22nd 2011. While this was a sad time for us all, we counted ourselves lucky to be alive.

Nowdays we remember the fun times. We had so many cool bands through over the years that it felt like we were participating in helping Christchurch’s up-and-comers have a stage to perform on and it was always nice to see a band that had hosted gaining recognition and playing bigger venues.

As well as music we had lectures, debates, life drawing classes, motorbike restoration nights, chess competitions, table tennis tournaments…

Oh, we had some fun. Now the bar is gone and all we are left with is memories.

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